Earth Week Sale starts soon!

Our Earth Day SALE starts April 22nd at 12am ET! Sale runs from April 22-28

 *Cannot be applied to past orders. Some exclusions apply.*


What's on sale?!


Cloth Diapers & Accessories + Potty Learning

10% off Blueberry, Thirsties, Rumparooz - Kanga Care, Spray Pal

15% off GroVia (April 22-25 only), AMP Diapers, Smart Bottoms, Funky Fluff, PeapodMats

15-40% off AppleCheeks (up to 40% off exclusive colours Just Peachy, Sailor Blue Too, Periwinkle, & Believe!)


Eco-friendly Products

10% off Marley’s Monsters, EcoCoconut, No Tox Life, Mason Jar Lids

15% off Re-Play, Colibri, Yumbox, Bentgo, Life Without Waste Straws, GoSili Straws, Drink in the Box, To-Go-Ware, (re)zip, Stasher, Stojo, OXO, KLIIN, U Konserve, Choomee, Squeasy Gear, Chico Bag, CoffeeSock, Skoy Cloths & Scrubs, Brush With Bamboo, The Future is Bamboo, Nelson’s Naturals, Flosspot, Patch Bandages, Unwrapped Life Bars, Bottle None, Oko Creations, Diva Cup, Tree Hugger Cloth Pads, Tru Earth Laundry Strips, Bunchafarmers, Well Kept, NakedSwab, Swag Bag, Filo, Routine

40% JOCO Glass Cups, S’well Bottles, Sip by S'well, GreenPaxx straws, DabbaWalla Lunch Bags, The Last Straw



10% off Grimms’s, Grapat, Rock Blocks, Erzi, Gluckskafer, Goki, Ocamora, Holztiger, Tegu, Candylab, Waytoplay Roads, Folkmanis, Londji, Papoose

15% off BeginAgain Toys, Baby Paper, Pebble, Hevea, Dough Parlour

25% off The Munch Mitt, Wubbanub


Health + Body Care Products

15% off Les Produits de MaYa, Earth Mama Organics, Anointment, Dimpleskins, Delish Naturals, Piggy Paint, Unwrapped Life Bars, Bottle None, Nose Frida, Fat & The Moon, Buck Naked Soap Co, Routine Natural Deodorant


Baby Carriers + Babywearing Apparel

10% off Wallaby 2.0 Coats, Fidella, Little Frog, Wrapsody

15% off Tula, Huggaloops, LILLEbaby, Chimparoo, Sewfunky Ring Slings, Boba, Beluga Baby, Kokoala Coat Extenders, MakeMyBellyFit, Belly Bedaine Babywearing Sweaters

25% off Didymos, Kinderpacks, Beco

Up to 30% off select LennyLamb Carriers


Maternity, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Items

10% off Marley’s Monsters Nursing Pads

15% off Joey Band, The Naked Tank, Haakaa, Oko Creations Nursing Pads, Earth Mama Organics Teas

15-40% off Momzelle Nursing and Maternity Apparel



10% off Jack’s Mama Slippers, Carseat Ponchos, AppleCheeks Inspired Slouchy Beanies, Scrunchies, and Headbands, Huggaloops Beanies, LSK Beanies

15% off Babylegs, Woombie, iPlay hats, Baby Banz 


PLUS be sure to check our clearance section!

20-25% off Sloomb Wool, select winter wear

30% off AppleCheeks Ring Slings & Doll Sings by Sewfunky, select LennyLamb Carriers, Ellavee Leggings

40% off Tekhni Wovens, Mini Chic Teething Necklaces, Best Bottom Swaddle Blankets, marQ Apparel, BellyBedaine Infinity/Nursing Scarves, Elate Cosmetics

50% off Ollie Jones Apparel

Up to 50% off select JuJuBe bags
*cannot be applied to past orders. Some exclusions apply*

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