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Belly Buttons & Babies Natural Bug Spray

Belly Buttons & Babies Natural Bug Spray



For a DEET-free alternative to chemical insect repellents, Belly Buttons & Babies™ blends natural ingredients known to repel, but not kill, insects. There is no alcohol to dry your skin and no chemical preservatives. [4oz/125ml each]


Toxins in your average insect repellant are far worse than the bites!  DEET, permethrin and other common insect repellants are actually insecticides that you put directly on your skin. Added to these ingredients are the usual toxins found in many lotions and creams like parabens.  If it can kill a bug, it can harm you.


Safe on ages (newborns too) as well as pets! Shake well before each use avoiding eyes. Spray lightly on hair and face. Reapply when needed.


The perfect organic way to keep the bugs awhile for the whole family while camping, hiking or playing outside! 


Choose Belly Buttons & Babies' Natural Bug Spray for a safe alternative for you and your family.

Tips & Cautions:

  • Repellency is based on scent - reapply generously and often
  • Garlic capsules also help repel insects by making the skin smell unattractive to bugs, ask your doctor about a natural bug repellent strategy
  • Never spray directly into the face, instead spray onto fingertips and apply
  • Patch test before spraying onto clothes to make sure it doesn't stain.
  • Don't forget to spray hair lightly for head-to-toe overall coverage


Natural Bug Spray Details, Ingredients


 DEET Free, all natural, non toxic, safe for babies, toddlers, children, mom and dad
• Long lasting essential oil blend naturally repels mosquitoes and black flies without any chemicals
• Lasts up to two hours, and can safely be re-applied throughout the day as often as needed
• 4oz/125ml in a conveniently compact spray bottle that will fit into your purse or pouch in your diaper bag!

Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Avoid mouth and eyes. This product does not kill insects. 

Ingredients: Lavender Floral Water (Lavendula angustofolia), lemongrass (cymbopogon flexuosus) essential oil, lemon eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora) essential oil, peppermint (mentha piperita) essential oil, rosemary leaf extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis).

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