Blueberry One Size Capri Cover

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Ashley Hammill
Great for chunky baby

I wanted to try a different style for my chunky baby, because Alva OS pockets were way too tight. These fit perfect. I paired with the grovia prefolds and haven't had a leak or tightness marks yet. With the alvas I had to put her in a disposable at night because she is a heavy wetter and there were compression leaks if she was in one for more than an hour at a time. I will be slowly switching my stash completely over to these. Well worth the money!

Love these!

I got these for my 15-month-old to use with padfolded prefolds. They are perfect! Adorable patterns, and really nice quality. The double gusset is good for my skinny kiddo, and the flaps to hold the prefolds make it easier to put it on a wiggly toddler. As my other covers keep dying I will definitely get more of these to replace them, and I think I would have saved a lot of trouble by just getting these in the first place!

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