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Amy B
LO and I use it all the time!

When we were shopping for an ergonomic soft-structured carrier at 4 months, hubs and I ended up with two different top choices. Because of the open box sale here at Lil Monkey Cheeks, I was able to justify buying my choice (this in the Ocean pattern) on top of my hubs's choice (Beco Gemini Cool bought elsewhere). This one gets worn ALL THE TIME. Whether we are going downstairs to make coffee/prepare breakfast; or walking around the mall; or taking the bus to go watch a movie - I can comfortably say that we have mastered wearing the Trek. I usually buckle everything on first (cross straps), but loosened.. and then plop LO in. I shimmy his butt in place and then tighten the straps. Over time this gets easier, especially for carseat transfers in the back of the car. Now there's nothing to it.

I also love how soft it is but also supportive. Bonus: LO naps when the hood is up or when I sit with him in it. Definitely a great purchase.

C Watt
Fits us Both!

Definitely an upgrade from my cheap previous carrier (Infantino)! Love the colors and the option to cross the straps. I'm little (5'3) and Dad's big (6'4) and this carrier works for both of us. Looking forward to trying back carries when my little gets big enough!

Naomi Gunhouse
In love!

Cannot say enough good things about this carrier!
With my first son I was a dedicated woven wrap user but this time around my back has some issues and this baby is stiff as a board so kept popping his seat. I had tried a few different carriers and found this one to be the lightest, most portable, softest and beautiful!
Would reccomend over and over!

Jennifer D
In love

I purchased this carrier when i was 28 weeks pregnant to carry my one year old and our upcoming squish. The lime color is beautiful, so nice and bright. The carrier itself is nice and floppy, sooo comfortable for myself, my husband and my son (It was the first back nap he ever gave us!) If I were slightly crazier I would buy this carrier in every color! Ok maybe a lot crazier, but I may get a second to replace another carrier I don't care for as much for our upcoming squish.

Chelsea Woodson
Excellent carrier!

I purchased this carrier for my newborn and my 2year old and I can honestly say it's works great. I love that I don't need a separate insert for a newborn. I also love that you can cross the back straps for a extremely comfortable support.

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