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Didymos Woven Wraps

Didymos Woven Wraps


DIDYMOS baby carriers provide a safe and comfortable method of carrying your baby.  All are made in Europe using very ethical manufacturing processes.

DIDYMOS Wraps are the most versatile of all baby carriers in that they are fully adjustable and can be used with many different tying variations. They are supremely comfortable and are always woven to the highest standards and quality using only organic fibres. 

DIDYMOS slings have the shape of a parallelogram, with tapered ends. This gives you some extra wrap length to tie the knot with and it looks better. Untreated cotton will shrink a bit with the first wash. For this reason your DIDYMOS Wrap Sling is a few centimeters longer than indicated. With this extra of cloth we guarantee you the exact wrap length even after washing. 


Fabric and weight:

Hemp Blend - 60% Organic Cotton/40% Hemp

Indio Kalypso - 250 GSM

Indio Corallina - 270 GSM

100% Organic Cotton

Fumo - 240 GSM

Ultramarin - 210 GSM

Aurora - 220 GSM

Sole Occidente - 220 GSM

Alpenglow - 230 GSM

Aqua Waves - 200 GSM

Lisca White Rainbow - 270 GSM

Lisca Minos - 190 GSM

Prima Stardust - 240GSM

Ada Dark Blue - 200GSM

Ada Malachite - 190GSM

Twisted Lisca Emerald - 260GSM



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