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Just enough absorption for a small pee to really help your little one figure things out. Stretchy enough for them to pull on and off themselves, and fun patterns and colours to keep them happy! This is also the ideal product to use on long trips or outtings for the recent graduates.

I’ve loved Applecheeks for years and will for many more to come.

Danny Richard
Leaning pants

Love the applecheeks learning pants. The fit is great the design is flawless. We are just on the beginning of our potty learning joyrney and these are a must. I love that there is no stuffing to do and they seem quite easy to care for.

Thank you for anotuer great product


These are the best fit for my skinny daughter. I like that they are more absorbent than other training pants we tried-- gives us a little wiggle room when we are out in public. If there's an accident you'll still likely have to change their pants but you won't be dealing with pee in the shoes. They do take longer to dry as well.

Gayle Harris

I liked the old style, but these are even better - no stuffing! The shark print is so cute. They hold a fair bit of leakage, I like that they're not PUL all over, which gets really hot, and they're not bulky. I'm definitely buying more. Also like that they come in a large size, for my late-training almost-4 son.

Love the new learning pants

Haven't tried the old style AC learning pants, but read many reviews on how difficult it was to stuff them. These are awesome because there's no sewing necessary. I dump them in the wash, dump them in the dryer and they're good to go. I've heard some people have issues with getting them dry in a reasonable time, but I haven't had that problem myself. They're bamboo, which is one of my favourite things, since I love the AC bamboo inserts. The fit is really great. My 2.5 year old can still fit into the small, but he seems to fit better in the mediums. The prints are adorable! They're a lot like underwear, so we call them his special underwear for things like road trips, and don't set him back because they don't look/feel like diapers. The only thing is they look pretty difficult to pull on and off by himself, but then again, my kid refuses to take his own pants or shirt off so maybe it's just him that has an issue with that.

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