Omaïki HERÖ Nighttime Trainers

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The BEST Overnights

We love using these for overnights with our almost 4 year boy. Although he is potty trained for daytime, nighttime is inconsistent. The fit is great and it lasts through the night and he can be a heavy wetter some nights. Highly recommend!

Mom of a child with Special Needs
Training pants that fit!

I am a mom of a 4 year old daughter with special needs. I was struggling to find training pants to fit my daughter as most typical children are trained by 4 years old. The Hero overnight medium fits her perfectly. I use only 1 I insert for daytime. She takes them to school with her and is able to pull them up and down herself. These are on the bulky side for a daytime diaper. But it is nice knowing I can put her on the bus and she will not need a change of clothes by the time she gets to school. My daughter does not typically have #2 accidents. But the other day she did have one in this pant. It was easy to pull down and dump into the toilet. Less mess than with a pull up. She is wearing a M. I also have a 9 year old using the 10/12 size for night time. Most nights she wets through them. I encourage her to change it when she wakes up to discourage a wet bed. But that is the whole reason we need them.

Good for potty training

With my son, if he has a diaper on for a nap or sleep, he’ll use it... because why not? These drive home the point that even when we’re ready to sleep and when we wake up, we still pee into the potty. They don’t contain everything, but they contain quite a lot. We use it with the pea pod. They’re not quite as comfortable as the pull-ups, but my son accepts that it’s what he will use now that he’s becoming a big boy. They take a while to air dry (the inner insert is sown in). All in all, they work well and we’re happy with them.


Can handle a full night of pee from a 3.5 year old used to diapers.
My son has trouble pulling them up over his penis because of where the opening for the insert is - hopefully with practice he’ll figure it out on his own and get everything in the right place.
They’ve been great so far, I’ll be buying more.

Gisele Vachon-Perillat
Mehh..... ok

These pull ups are nice and bug for nighttime. However the way to insert liners is awkward and weird. Also the liners they come with don't hold for overnight. I ended up using my grovia diaper liners in this shell. Still going to give it time. Sometimes liners improve with use.

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