Oko Creations Regular Cloth Pad, 2 pack

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Erin Taverner

I love these pads. Soft and comfortable, and wash well. I have some that are over two years old and fully functional.
I like them better than my Hannah pads. The long ones have double wings and stay in place perfectly. The regular size are great for day time, and also stay in place.

kelly b

So this was my first time using cloth pads. I bought 3 brands and I have to say the oko pads are my favourite. I thought I would hate that the design is on the back and the part you see is white, but I love knowing it has no colours and all natural. I think the reason why I like them better is their wings. They are smaller then tree huggers.

Camp, Erin
Oko pads are A-ok!

I really like these pads. They’re cute, easy to clean, the sun seems to pull any stains quite easily, and they are comfortable. The ONLY thing I would change is the wing tabs. I wish they allowed for a wider width panty. Not all women wear panties with a crotch width of 1.5” so mine tend to bunch up with I snap up the enclosure. It doesn’t seem to effect the overall performance, although I have have them flip completely around once overnight. Perhaps Oko Creations could make the wing tabs bigger with two snap options OR make an extender. Otherwise, awesome product.

Jenna Dutka
I'm shocked

I purchased these because I found them affordable and was excited they are Canadian made. These are so, so thin (thinner than paper pads I was using, IMO) I was quite nervous for how absorbent they would be but the hemp content had me taking a somewhat confident a leap of faith! I absolutely love love love these (also purchased the heavy flow & pantiliners) they absorbed great, washed well & were nice and soft. I was concerned the hemp would leave me feeling "wet" but they are so absorbent, it wasn't an issue. I like that the snap in these is a small metal one, much more descrete than a plastic KAM snap like other brands have.

Only one flaw...

These pads are well priced, a good size, absorbent, and beautiful.
My only complaint is that the "wings" are pointy and poked into my thighs, which I found very uncomfortable. I'm hoping with a few more washes that the fabric will soften up.

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