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Tumbler Tarts Dryer Balls 3 Pack

Tumbler Tarts Dryer Balls 3 Pack



Tumbler Tart dryer balls are a fun, natural alternative to chemical fabric softeners, dryer sheets and PVC dryer balls. While bouncing in the dryer, laundry becomes soft,  reduces static and the reduces the time it takes to dry. Safe for cloth diapers and everyday laundry. 


With proper care, dryer balls can last up to 10 years or more. Our Tumbler Tart Dryer Balls are guaranteed for 5 years or 1000 laundry loads. Be cautious that they do not snag on sharp or metal items such as zippers. These Tumbler Tarts are sold as a pack of 3. Made from New Zealand sheep where many laws and regulations are in place for fair trade wool and the utmost ethical treatment of sheep. 100% Pure wool to the core. Use 3-6 for maximum result of 25% dryer time reduction.


Pair with Tumbler Tart Rescenting kit for scented laundry!

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