Congratulations to our 'Mom, We See You!' Spring 2020 winner, Amy!
Congratulations to Amy Coady! She is the Spring 2020 recipient of our 'Mom, We See You!' Spotlight prize! Amy was nominated by her friend Irania, and is a great example of a mom who pushes through every challenge for her son!
Here is what Irania said about her friend:
"Amy is one of my best friends. When she got pregnant with Lucas she knew she was going to have to do it on her own if she wanted Lucas to have a healthy, happy home. Amy has struggled with her mental health for a long time. However, her child always came first, putting her own needs aside. Four years ago, Amy decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Community Development. Two years into her program, she got into a car accident that almost left her paralyzed. She had a lot of physical and mental challenges that affected her emotional health and it was very difficult for her to make the decision to seek help. Finally, after a long time dealing with feelings of guilt, Amy decided to go away on a two month program to address her mental health issues. With the support of her family, she recognized her well-being was key in raising Lucas. Amy's recovery is a true testament of resilience. She graduated university and got a great job in her field. Despite all the challenges, Amy is one of the best moms I know. She's done a fantastic job raising Lucas. Lucas is smart, emphatic, kind, and generous. Despite all the challenges life has thrown at her, Amy remains a great mom, a kind individual, and a badass woman."
Congratulations Amy! We see all you do and you're rocking motherhood!
Know an amazing mom that deserves to be recognized? You can nominate a special mom you know for our Summer 2020 "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight.
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