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Amanda Thompson
Giving the Gift of Shopping

I know that the recipient was very pleased to have the gift card to use for her chosen items. Since I’d bought it off the registry AND I’d used the recipient’s name in the special code section, I’d mistakenly believed the card would be forwarded straight to her (as were the other gifts on the registry). We worked it out and I forwarded her the email with the gift card, but I wish it had been credited to her name right away without doing that step. 5 stars as my friend got the gift of more shopping, and I didn’t have to make any decisions!!!

Heather Hemphill
Perfect gift

We bought your gift card for our daughter to use for her daughter and she was delighted to be able to purchase just what she wanted. thank you.

Shirley DeMille
Easiest gift ever.

My daughter in law was thrilled with the gift card. She Purchased exactly what she needed. I would definitely send the gift card again.

Katherine Stoner

I gave the gift card as a present so I can't comment on the product.

mary gallwey

Site was easy to use, and received gift card via email quickly. Although, if it was to be shipped to the person it was for, there is no where on the site to say who it was from?

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