Life's a Beach!  Everything You Need for Baby's Beach Vacation

Jetting off on a beachside vacation with baby? I know that the list of things to pack for your beach bum can be overwhelming. Luckily, Lil’ Monkey Cheeks has your baby covered from head to toe (literally) for all the sunny fun you have planned.

Let’s go from tippy top to bottom and get baby all ready for the seashore:


I am a big fan of the two hats made by Canada’s own Bummis. The One-Size Sun Cap adjusts to fit kids up to 3 years old thanks to the toggle elastic around the brim. The back flap protects the neck and the wide brim shades the face. The crown and visor are certified UPF 50! For older kids who want to rock a baseball-style cap, Bummis Caps come in size 1 (6-18 m) and 2 (2-5 years) and are stylish and adjustable. I’m waiting for these to come in grow-up sizes!


RoShamBoBaby are my favourite sunglasses for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. They are indestructible! That’s right: baby can safely chew and bend their sunnies (or yours) without fear of them breaking in two. Add a strap and make sure they don’t get left in the sand. Bonus: they are so light they float!

UV Tees

If thoroughly applying sunscreen to your child is like wrestling an angry crocodile, the more skin you can keep covered, the better. That’s why I love swim tops that also provide UV protection! Made in Canada with North American-milled fabrics, Bummis’ UV Tees have long sleeves and a protective collar, and come in colours and prints to match their fabulous swim diapers. These shirts provide UPF 50 protection with swimsuit-quality fabric that is durable and won’t fade in the pool.

If you’ve got a mermaid who wants to be the pinnacle of fashion on the beach, you might prefer a Bummis Tankini! Matching their swim diapers, the tankini turns a swim diaper into a full swim suit ensemble!

Swim Diapers

Lil’ Monkey Cheeks carries swim diapers from all the major cloth diaper brands. In case you’re wondering how swim diapers work, let me explain. Swim diapers are NOT absorbent. They are designed to contain messes, but not absorb … otherwise they’d absorb the whole ocean! Yes, the point of a swim diaper is to keep poop out of the pool.

Swim diapers are either sized or one-size. Our favourite sized swim diaper is made by AppleCheeks. Size 1 fits approximately 7-23 lb while size 2 fits about 18-40 lb. The advantage of choosing a sized diaper is a more precise fit without rise snaps at the front to create added bulk. The advantage of choosing one-size, of course, is that you don’t need to buy a new one as baby grows. Both the Funky Fluff one-size swim diaper and the Nuggles Swimsees fit up to 35 lb and are two of my favourites.

Cloth swim diapers are much more cost-effective than disposable swimmers, and if you pack two or more, you won’t have to worry about a bare bum when you’re rinsing out a dirty one.

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The right outerwear will help protect baby from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but don’t forget the sunscreen! It can be scary to pick a sunscreen that is safe for baby’s sensitive skin, but Lil’ Monkey Cheeks has gotten rid of the guess work and chosen only the most natural, safe sunscreens for your littles. Both Goddess Garden and Thinksport make effective, broad spectrum sunscreens that are non-greasy and go on smooth. 

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Baby Carriers

Want to wear baby in the water? There’s a carrier for that! If you’re already comfortable using a wrap, Chimparoo and ByKay all make wraps that are designed to be worn in the water. A wrap-style water carrier gives your two shoulder support, but there’s a learning curve in wrapping properly. If you prefer an easier “pop in, pop out” option, Sewfunky, Chimparoo and ByKay both offer ring slings that are water-ready! The differences are fairly minimal between brands, so choose the one that matches your style and your budget.

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Extra accessories

Wet bags: You can never pack too many wet bags. I recommend the Funky Fluff Hanging Pail for all the dirty laundry that’s coming home in your suitcase. (Or, if you’re doing laundry while you’re away, to tote everything down to the laundromat.) Funky Fluff’s double pocket wet bags are perfect for bringing wet swim suits back to the hotel room, for organizing toiletries and for brining the iPad and toys on the plane!

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Teething necklaces: I found my teething necklace to be my babies favourite distraction on the plane and while waiting in lines at the airport and hotel! Plus, at night I could look somewhat fashionable. A Mini Chic Teething Necklace will look great on you, and will give your baby something to tug on other than your hair!

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Muslin blankets: I cannot say enough about lightweight, light-coloured muslin blankets when travelling south! Use a Lulujo Muslin Swaddle to snuggle baby on the plane, to provide extra shade in the stroller or as a spot to lie down for an afternoon nap under the shade of a palm tree.

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I would love to hear from some Mommies & Daddies about their personal experience with some of the products I've listed above!  Share your comments below!

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