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Heidi M
Favourite brand after 6+ years

I'm pregnant with baby#5 and have used cloth diapers for all of them. Some of our first BB covers are now wearing out around the elastic but with frequent washing and lots of wear I'm extremely pleased with how well they've held up through 4 kids (and we potty train late!). I recommend this brand and style to every mom who is considering cloth diapers!

These shells are great!

We use Best Bottoms at nighttime and love the durability of them and the ability to snap them to all different sizes. My 26 lb daughter still fits the shells with two large-sized inserts inside. They don't leak, and seem comfortable on her.

Really nice!

Very nice diapers, quality seems pretty good.

Cloth diapering mommy
One of my favs for small babes!

I've used a lot of brands of cloth diapers now in all the different variations. I fell in love with AI2 diapers after using GroVia (which is still a great diaper!) but Best Bottom is my favourite, esp, for a tiny baby. Mine was born at 6lbs 3oz and was fitting it beautifully by 2 months of age - she may have fit earlier but I had some newborn diapers I was using. I use the hemp inserts or just throw in some cotton flats and reuse the same cover for multiple changes. I should be able to do the same with my GroVias but find the mesh interior (or any cover with a cloth instead of a wipeable interior) of the cover does get moist, so these do work better for reusing the cover as an AI2. The Best Bottom does fit my almost 2 year old but does look a bit like a speedo on him and is on the last snap/largest rise. I just bought a second cover to get more changes with my daughter but use mostly miscellaneous inserts as I didn't want to pay for the Best Bottom inserts (though I would love more!). Great thing with Best Bottom is you can fit different AI2 brand inserts in them, including LilHelper. Unfortuntaely Grovia AI2 insert snaps don't work with the Best Bottom shell's snaps.

Katie G
Excellent cover

Quick delivery. Excellent cover. Fits my babe well. No leaks.

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