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Yoshua W.
Straight to the pool room

This stain stick is wonderful. Look, it's not magic. You still have to scrub hard, and it can't get absolutely EVERYTHING out. The sun is still the best. But the stain stick is so versatile and so effective that I now feel I can't live without it. It saves me from having to memorise hundreds of different stain removal tricks ... instead I just wet the stain, scrub with stain stick, rinse, repeat if necessary, then chuck it in the washing machine. I'm sure this system could be improved, but I think this stain stick gets you most of the way there. I can't believe it's all natural, too. What a winner. Try it, you'll thank me!


Guys, we had a “shituation” the other morning.... I’m talking poonami, up the back, to the neck, on the arms in a white onesie, poonami.... then I was like do I just throw this white onesie away that this poosposion destroyed? What do I do guys? I pulled out the buncha farmers stain stick, rinsed the onesie and lathered that white onesie in the stick, throw it in the wash and it comes out immaculate! You’d never know there was poo to the neck of it just a few hours earlier!
Bottom line. This stain stick is AMAZING!

Monique G
Bunchafarmers stain stick

This thing works like magic! I used it for cloth diapers and fleece stains disappeared in front of my eyes! Great purchase, was very worth it ❤

As advertised

Bought this to treat stains on my beloved cloth diapers. So far it hasn’t met a stain it can’t handle (haven’t tried on blood, red wine, etc.) Very happy with my purchase.

Sarah Preston
Best stain remover

Removes all stains my little guy manages. Nothing else I would buy for our household laundry!

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