Healing Amber Infant / Toddler Necklace (11-13")

Size: 11" - Infant
Options: Molasses
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Naomi Cole
Great anklet

I have chronic pain from nerve damage to my ankle and wear amber on that ankle to help with the pain and 10/10 fully recommend! My order was shipped unbelievably fast and delivered to Alberta the same week! Packaging was basic and eco friendly (extra points in my book for both) and the product was exactly as described and pictured. Quality seems great 2 weeks in. Keeping this shop bookmarked for next time I need amber or any of their products!

Kelly Grant
2nd Amber Necklace purchased

Purchased the 1st necklace in 2019 for my 1st born grandson. Great price, quick delivery fro Lil Monkey Cheeks. Seemed to do the trick, making teething easier.
Just recently ordered and received 2nd necklace for my new 3 month old grandson. Hopefully it works as well for him as it did for his big brother!!

Christina Bell

Beautiful necklace and seems to be working great for my daughter. Thank you !!

Cora Melvin
Love these necklaces

I’ve been looking for these necklaces for my 9 month old and 3 year old kids. Luckily I came across on Lil Monkey Cheeks on my search. Great price and received it right away. Thank you.

Chelsea Dault
So Far So Good!

I have had my 4 month old son wearing this for about a week, for most of the day. It's a very beautiful necklace (caramel), and so far, it seems to be making a difference as he is no longer completely soaking the front of anything he wears! His drooling has gone down drastically, and he seems to have a little less interest in fiercely chomping on anything he can get near his mouth. I'm not sure this will be the be all end all for his teething journey, but I believe it does something for him!

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