Grow With Me Convertible Woombie Swaddle

Patterns: XO's (Vented Air)
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She outgrew the newborn one, so i used some sleepsacks i already had. But they werent tight enough. She would not sleep on her own in her basinet. Since she started wearing the wombie she has slept by herself no problem. I like that it will grow with her by easily unzipping it.

Alina P
Good sizing option

Great to find a full swaddle option for larger babies! The extend to fit length with being able to swaddle arms in still is perfect. It has excellent breathability as well as just the right amount of stretch. The fabric feels nice to the touch. The 5 arm hole snaps are nice to keep them closed to lessen chances of little digits poking through & yanking it open.

What I dislike are that the main zipper ends at the top & that the width expander only has one zip that starts at one shoulder to go all the way around, including the extended length portion. Ideally, the width expander would be a double so you can cinch in the arms in more snug but have the option of the extended length. Because of how it’s composed to fit together all zipped up as well as extended, I find it bunches weird at the shoulders. Not enough to be concerned over it going over babe’s face, just enough to be gathered on top of the shoulders so it looks like babe has a little mini scarf bulked up underneath.

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