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Type: Coconut + Shea
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Arlaine French
Love it!

Cloth diaper enthusiast! Was recommended to me when my baby had a lingering red bum after popping in her diaper overnight, twice in a row! Nothing seemed to work, but this stuff did the trick right away! I use it as a cream after cleaning with wipes. Now we use it at every diaper change.

Only cream you need

My first bottle of liniment oil is almost gone, so it was time to order some more. This is the only cream I need to use on my baby...it has worked to get rid of mild cradle cap, helps keep those adorable baby rolls clean and yeast free, and perfect for cleaning bums and preventing diaper rash using cloth diapers. Can't wait to find more uses for this simple, effective product. Not to mention also affordable, a little goes a long way!

Only Liniment I Use

I use this stuff everywhere. Clean butts *check*, takes makeup off *check*, helps dry skin *check*, heals eczema *check*

Best stuff ever

Magic Poo Melter

This stuff is amazing! We have used it + water on washable wipes for diaper changes for over a year now and nothing works better! Not only does it gently and effectively clean our sons skin, it also offers some protection. At 16 months, 15 of those exclusively cloth diapering, our son has NEVER had a diaper rash, and I genuinely think this liniment is responsible for this.


My daughter tended to have redness in her diaper area from the ammonia in her pee being in contact with her skin. This cleared up the redness and, as a bonus, is great for helping to clean up her skin after a poopy diaper!

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