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Öko Creations Breathable Waterproof Nursing Pads

Oko Creations

Oko Creations Breathable Waterproof Nursing Pads

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Öko Creations nursing pads with a waterproof, breathable layer of fabric offer all the qualities of hemp fleece (absorption, durability and softness) while being practical and completely waterproof. During the first days of lactation or during heavy let downs, most women will require a nursing pad equipped with a waterproof barrier. This barrier can be natural (wool, see product OK1019B) or synthetic. These pads are made of two layers of hemp fleece and one layer of synthetic, breathable waterproof fabric. Wondering which pads best suit your needs? See our FAQ section for more information.

 • 4-pack
• Colour: natural, coloured fabric backing (white, blue, green or pink)
• Composition: 46% hemp, 38% organic cotton and 16% polyester coated with polyurethane (synthetic waterproof barrier)
• Packaging: 100% post-consumer paper
• Made in Canada


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