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Omaiki HERÖ Daytime Training Pants - Side Snaps


Omaiki HERÖ Daytime Training Pants - Side Snaps

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The perfect product to make potty training easy!

HERÖ Daytime Training Pants have a small, waterproof layer in the middle and light absorbency inside to prevent messes if the child has an accident.
Your child will realize she’s had an accident and will want to change or go to the toilet to finish, but the sofa or the car seat are spared!

HERÖ Daytime Training Pants are not diapers; they are a learning tool to help parents and children take this next step.  

Practical when a child is recently potty-trained but you need to leave the house for a longer period (shopping, car trip, playground…). The child won’t feel like she’s regressing by wearing a diaper, but big messes are avoided.

Comfortable and trim, these training pants don’t look like diapers.
With an exterior in cotton jersey, they look just like “big kid” undies.

90% cotton/10% polyester
Absorbent core : 80% bamboo viscose / 20% organic cotton
Waterproof layer : PU laminate

Sizes :
Small (20-25 lbs)
Medium (25-30 lbs)
Large (30lbs +)

Made in CANADA

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