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Lynne Lounsbury
Great shoes for little feet

These shoes are 100% practical and adorable for play or everyday comfort wear. The non-slip soles add safety, the fit is true to size. My 3-year-old grand-daughter easily puts them on independently and loves wearing them. The colours are so pretty! So happy I ordered these!

Alishia Chamney
Great Shoes for Summer

Love these shoes for a lightweight, comfortable and easy shoe great for outdoors. My son often has trouble finding shoes that fit but these work great because they are slightly stretchy!
Both my kids run around in these with no problems - they don't seem to slip off and they have a nice grip.

Great "I do it!" shoes!

These are so easy to slip on and my daughter finds them very comfortable. The shoes are durable, cool for hot days, but also perfectly suited as indoor shoes.

I find toddler shoes tricky to get the right fit that don't have us enduring complaints of "it's too tight!" (but where is it too tight?? Around the ankle? The length? The width? Good luck drilling down into the specifics!). These shoes just garnish a smile with the statement, "these fit! Not too tight!"

My toddler can put them on herself, and take them off herself. I like that they can be used at the playground and go right into the splash pad, or can be used as her every day outside shoes.

Heather Anne McFarland
Cute shoes and very easy to get on. Won’t stay on.

These shoes are super easy to get in to my toddlers massive feet and chubby ankles. They are wonderful for rocky or mulched areas because they breathe, but don’t let big bits in the shoe. However, I do have to figure out a way to keep them on my toddlers feet. They measure to his almost exact foot size. But when he runs he loses one or both. It was quite annoying on our last outing. Maybe some heel grips will help. He has chunky ankles, but I still think that perhaps the opening is too large. Other than that great shoes :) And great service!

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