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Great for overnights

I have tried prefolds, all in ones, and a different brand of fitteds, these are by far the best and I wish I had discovered them sooner. Would be great for daytime too, I’m sure, but I save these for overnights because they’re the only diapers that can go that long without a leak.

Sloomb multi snapless

Live this fitted. Very soft, stretchy and absorbent. Needed something better for my second son as he pees a lot all at once and the pockets kept leaking. I have used this at night with wool. Love how you can customize the fit more than with snaps. I also like how narrow it is through the crotch. Works really well with a snappy. My guy is pretty big at 8 months (25lbs and 18 mo clothes) and these still have room to grow.

Love them!

I ordered 1 to try out on my 4 month old who doesn't get changed overnight now. It's perfect with 1 of the doublers for now, and the second doubler I will add later when he is filling the diaper more through the night. Plenty of room in there to add more layers if needed. You can get a really nice custom fit since there are no snaps. Also very soft! I ordered 2 more a few days later after I tested out the first one. Does take a bit longer to dry around the elastic on the legs but absolutely worth it! I can't imagine putting anything else on him at night now.

Best Fitted I Have Found

Very soft, stretchy and absorbent fabric. Easy to use, and well-designed, especially for customizing size adjustments. The fit of the elastic is just right, snug fitting, but non-binding. Super quick to put on active babies using snappis. Makes cloth diapering simple and enjoyable!

Favorite Overnight Diaper

Love these! Super soft and absorbent. I use a boingo and love that there are no snaps to fiddle with in our bedtime routine. Dad even finds these user friendly.

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