Baby Parka Toddler Coat/ Poncho

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Arantxa St-Maurice
Hood a tad bit too tight

The material looks similar to that of a snow suit so Id say it would do for our -25++C° weather. I bought it for my 4 year old who is on the small side (15% of the growth chart) and hoping it'd last her longer than one more season, but already it's a bit snug especially on the hood part. Zipped all the way up and it's too tight under her chin.

It'd be nicer if it had snaps to make the body more snug when using it as a jacket to limit wind entering from underneath, the same way it's got zippers to create "sleeves" on the poncho.

Perfect Jacket

I debated buying this jacket, and I’m so glad I finally did. It makes trips to and from the car so easy in the winter. We also use it for quick walks around the neighbourhood with the sleeves zipped and it seems to keep my daughter warm. It’s quite roomy on my 20 month old. I’m looking forward to getting a few years’ use from it. Great value for the price!

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