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Jen P
Worth every penny

With our first baby we did the swish and rinse, which turned into a tub wash because our diapers absorbed all the toilet water. Some how we made it work and I hated very bit of it. I promised myself with baby #em2 to 100% splurge on this exact sprayer. I am so happy and pleased to purchase while on Boxing Day sales. This is by far the best investment to clean diapers. I also have a spray shield. A completely wonderful system to have for cleaning your blw diapers lol 100% recommended all to splurge on this. Don’t wait.

Tara Anderson

So much easier than using the shower sprayer and bucket! Awesome.

Easy install, takes some practice to use

It does a good job removing poop, but unless you use a shield it will go everywhere. I've not used any other diaper sprayer to compare, so maybe this is just the nature of spraying diapers! It really was easy to install. We needed a wrench (the instructions seem like you should be able to hand tighten everything).

Diaper Sprayer - Easy to Install

Diaper sprayer was easy to install. It has a very strong spray so watch out. It will get a lot of use in my house.

A must have!

This is the second sprayer I've used for cleaning my cloth diapers. The first time around, we thought we were saving money by buying a bidet. It started leaking recently, so we needed a new one ASAP. The AMP sprayer is actually cheaper than the bidets we were looking at and it is way better! After one use I wondered how I got by with the bidet for so long. The handle makes it easy to control the pressure and I find it makes less of a mess. Very happy with my purchase, especially since it is a Canadian company.

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