AMP Prefold Diapers

Size: Newborn (6-10lbs)
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Olga R
Love them

Nice absorbent prefolds, last long and very soft if you don't bleach them.


They worked well, no issues, highly recommend!

Sabrina Hope
Great Price and High Quality

If you're looking for prefold diapers at a reasonable price, these are the best! I looked around A LOT online and in stores until I found these in a 6 pack. I’m currently using these prefolds in the newborn size for my 5 week old daughter. I use them with a pocket diaper (Applecheeks) by placing them on top of the fleece pocket and not inside of the pocket. That way I can reuse the cover/shell a few times and only have to change the prefold diaper, saving money on how many covers I needed to buy. I only bought 3 covers/shells to start.

A note on sizes - I ordered the smallest newborn size in the prefold after realizing the infant prefold size was too big for my daughter ( She was 7lbs 6oz at birth). When I was pregnant with her, I thought I would just skip the newborn size to save money and go to the bigger infant prefold size, but for small babies you really need something smaller for the first month or two. I should have just paid the money and got the newborn size right from the start. I ended up using disposable diapers at the beginning so I would have something that fit her tiny bum. After buying a few packages of the 7th Generation disposable diapers, I realized it would be cheaper to buy the cloth diapers in the smaller size. I'm glad I finally did!

Be sure to wash and dry them at least 4 times before using them (as recommended in the instructions). I was eager to start using them when they arrived, so I only washed and dried them twice, hoping that would be enough. Big mistake! They were not absorbent enough after two washes, so her pee ran out the side of her diaper. So be sure to take the time and do the 4 washes.

I have used cloth diapers for all 4 of my kids, and over the years I have found the prefolds work best for our family. They are folded and ready to go, super absorbent, and work well for EC. They take longer to dry, but if you have a dryer, that’s not a problem. The flat diapers (big square ones) require folding to get them into a diaper, and I have a few of those that I use too.

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