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Emily Perry

Light weight, super stretchy so they fit snug without cutting into skin. Fit so well under suits. Love this swimmer!
I love ordering from here - the tea packet in the shipment is always such a welcomed surprise, and in Canada you can use etransfer to purchase :)

Kate Parker
Love our Monkey Cheeks!

We just bought the large size after being gifted the size small and wearing it until my son grew out of it (at 15 months). These reusable swim diapers are perfect for the pool or the lake, hold up beautifully, and dry quickly for little swimmers who like to go in the pool more than once a day!

Jennifer Kalbaugh

This is the second purchase of these diapers… smalls and now large… for my daughter. They have worked great over the years if using them and hold up well! Love the quick shipping from Canada to the US as well, and the personal touch in the package is just one more reason to come back yet again!

Lil Monkee
Best swim diaper available

I have used this swim diaper on all of my children (infant through to preschool). The fit accommodates different body shapes very well. Dries fast and wears well under swim gear/shorts. Saves loads on disposable swim diapers and much kinder to baby's skin.

Amy Peters
Swim diaper

Love the amp swim diaper! I got one for my son years ago but needed a smaller size for my daughter. Love that they now have matching bums! Plus the grape color is lovely.

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