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Great quality!!

Andrea Vaughan
Happy with product

New mama and new to cloth diapering however I can say I’m very happy with the smart bottom covers! Being able to cover a variety of shapes and sizes as my baby grows, and with a series of different inserts as I get comfortable with cloth diapering and see what suits our family and baby best. Product is living up to expectations, looking good and only a few minor leaks as I get comfortable with my babies fit.

Grandmother Francine

The best brand of cloth diapers. After using three different brands for our grandson, Best Bottoms were the best one. I ordered some more for our twin grand-daugthers. The cloth diapers can easily be adjusted for their small size. I recommend this brand and makes a perfect gift from grand-parents to environment conscious children,

Heidi M
Favourite brand after 6+ years

I'm pregnant with baby#5 and have used cloth diapers for all of them. Some of our first BB covers are now wearing out around the elastic but with frequent washing and lots of wear I'm extremely pleased with how well they've held up through 4 kids (and we potty train late!). I recommend this brand and style to every mom who is considering cloth diapers!

These shells are great!

We use Best Bottoms at nighttime and love the durability of them and the ability to snap them to all different sizes. My 26 lb daughter still fits the shells with two large-sized inserts inside. They don't leak, and seem comfortable on her.

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