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Like more than regular BB

Bought this because I liked the regular BB, but wanted something bigger to fit over a fitted diaper. These ones barely fit over fitteds, but they are really nice AI2s and I like them more than the original, as I'm not afraid of them looking like a speedo on baby once older.
The original BB would do a better job at fitting from birth, however.
These have nice this fabric that keeps leaks contained and are a go-to when traveling.

Absolutely Love Them

These are my go to nappies. Tried several different brands and settled on these as the bulk of my stash. I’ve only had one leak and it was my fault because I used the wrong insert overnight, otherwise these have been incredible.
Love the ease of the snap in inserts, though I’ve also used them over trifolded or snappier prefolds.
I like that the shells can be reused, though I’m being super honest and knocking a star because after a big poo the inserts just aren’t enough and the whole things needs changing typically.
But that’s me being really picky as I love these!

Bigger and Better

My 20 lb, 6 month baby hasn't grown out of the regular size yet, but we started adding these and like them even more than the regular covers.
My goal is to make cloth diapering as simple and agreeable for both my spouse and I as possible. These meet that desire! Either we are getting better at this, or these bigger covers are helping us achieve less wet and soiled clothing.

Heidi M
Perfect toddler fit

The bigger best bottom shell has been so helpful to accommodate our late potty training toddler. We are no longer squeezing him in to his diapers. I love that they still snap down enough to fit our baby too if we ever get stuck!

Kayla Peters
Love the bigger size!

We have had a bunch of the regular best bottom covers and we use them with prefolds.. our son is 14 months, long, lean and about 21 lbs. We are already close to growing out of regular. The bigger size is PERFECT. The higher rise is way better and I wish I had just bought all the bigger size in the first place.

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