bumGenius Elemental One Size All-In-One

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Kelsey B
Fast shipping, favourite cloth diaper

All in ones are so much easier and these have a great stretch, soft feel and have only ever leaked if we don’t put them on properly (didn’t do them up tight enough)
Shipping was very quick!


Good fit, love that it’s natural fibres. Though it does take a while to dry. That is the only downside though!

New favourite!

I have been a Bum Genius fan for years but this is our first Elemental - it’s my new favourite! It is SO trim for an AIO (and trimmer than our BG pockets and free times) and so very soft. The only downside to these is that they do take a long time to dry if you hang/line dry them (longer than even the Freetimes). I’ll definitely be getting more!

Love this diaper!

Baby is 2 months old and 11lbs so we've been using this diaper for about 2 weeks and I love it.
I love that it's 100% organic cotton, I love the absorbency, the fit and that it's not too bulky.
The only thing that can bug me a bit is the sown-in insert that bunches up a bit too much when on the smaller setting, but I guess that is to be expected for a one size diaper.
I've been testing a lot of diapers to find the one that I like most and I'll definitely be ordering more Elementals.

Terri Joosten
Bum Genius All in One diapers

I ordered these for my daughter after she did so much research. They came very quickly. Baby is not due until mid May so I can't give a proper review yet. However, they are super cute!

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