bumGenius Freetime One Size All-In-One

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Freetime is the best

This diaper is the best , I save many time .

Great diaper

Love the fit of this diaper on my little one! It is definitely one I reach for when most diapers are clean. I don't love that the Inserts are microfiber so I do change this one often to ensure no leeks. Has held up well so far in the wash. I hang dry my diapers. One positive that the inserts are microfiber is that it drys quite quickly hung up. My hemp inserts take much longer (but are much more absorbent). Overall this diaper has been great.

Great all around

We bought a large order of freetime diapers and it was a real win-win for us. Their price was very competitive, the shipment was fast (and free) and we were able to support a Canadian small business.

Love Freetimes!

I have only ever used Elementals during the day. We bought some Freetimes because my son is now in daycare and doesn’t get changed as often as at home so there is moisture against his skin for longer periods of time. The Freetimes fit really well and he doesn’t come home with as many rashes. I wish I had purchased these from the beginning!

Best newby diaper

This diaper is so soft and absorbs SO much. They dry really fast so anyone who is looking to save some hydro costs by line drying then these are the diapers for you. They have the new elastics now that are supposed to last longer. When they eventually start to relac they are probably the second easiest elastics to replace (the first being bumGenius pocket 5.0). BumGenius is the best brand in my opinion and I have tried SO many brands.

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