Carseat Poncho

Size: 1 year
Pattern: Purple
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Love this

This is such a well made and handy accessory for winter trips in the car. So easy to use and gives me the peace of mind thats she’s safe in the car seat AND warm.

Bev Straus
Carseat poncho

Cozy and comfy for my little granddaughter in a cold car. She's a happy girl in her poncho! She loves how soft it is.

Grant Tweed
A wonderful product!

Works just as expected & very convenient to use. Top quality material & workmanship .

Arantxa St-Maurice
Doesn't look warm enough

Just received this, and even though it's almost summer and 26C° outside, I am sitting in our cool basement with this poncho over my shoulders to try to get a feel of how warm it'll be and I'm nice and cozy. But I get the feeling that this isn't nearly thick enough for the -25+C° weather. I guess it would do for the short walk from the house to the car (hoping we dont have to park the car too far during snow clearing days) as long as I dress my LO in warm enough clothing underneath. But I'd have to dress him warmer than I would if he were using a snow suit. And for longer car rides where he'd eventually remove his poncho, I'd say he might still feel too warm in whatever clothing he has on underneath his straps.

I purchased this in size 3 for my (would be) almost 2 year old. I also purchased the baby parka brand poncho for my 4 year old thinking she'd be too big for this one, and that's how I got my opinion. The baby parka material feels as thick as a snow suit whereas this one just seems like a thick blanket for indoor use.

Despite that, it looks very functional and easy to use and I can't wait to use it. I just wished it were maybe twice as thick, and like the other reviewers mentioned, it'd be nicer if it were a bit longer in the front. Though im not going to be too sad about that seeing as it might just drag on dirty slush instead.

Alice Howarth
Given as a gift - comment from mother of my Grandson.

It's great, we love it! And I love the pattern. You picked a good one :)

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