Chimparoo Ring Sling, Pleated Shoulder

Size: Size 1 - small / medium - 185 cm
Colour: Lime
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Awesome product

I really love this sling. My 4 month baby cant pass a day without sitting in it. super easy too use

Jenna May
Love it !

I love this sling. I have a three week old and it's perfect. She's my fourth and can't believe I didn't have this for my others! I can breastfeed her while she's in the sling as well!
I will say there is a tiny learning curve, or there was for me. Still experimenting as well but I am loving it and I know she loves it too.

Great for hip carrying!

I already had another carrier, but had been considering a ring sling for a few weeks before I finally bought it. OMG! Lifesaver!

Inhave a heavy baby (18 pounds by 6 months), and I wasn’t sure if a ring sling would be right for me, and wherher I would even get extended wearing out of the sling. While I love the lumbar support of my Lillebaby, and use it for walking outside (especially since I can put a jacket on over it), the ring sling is perfect for doing many other things! I always worried about cooking on the stove in the other carrier, but now I can wear my baby on my hip and make food!

Airplane travel went so smoothly as well - I used the Lillebaby Complete for walking around the airport and going through security, and getting a nap in at the airport, but it is not ideal to sit in on the plane. The ring sling let me sit on the plane and get a few naps in without any awkward fiddling, and it packs up smaller than the buckle carriers do.

If you are debating it like I was, go for it! I never realized I would want multiple carriers, since I figured one would be good enough, but now I don’t know how I survived without it! I can more easily get chores done when my baby doesn’t want me to put her down, and don’t need to struggle with a back clip to put the carrier on when I’m alone.

Katie A
Great service and product!

Awesome product! Easy to deal with and very friendly.

Busy mom of 3!
Love it!

This is my first ever ring sling and I couldn't be happier. The material is nice, the colors are beautiful ( stripe pattern make it easy to tighten as needed) and it is super easy to slip on and off. Definitely a must have in your diaper bag:)

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