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Beckey Smith
No over feeding

These spoons are brilliant. My favorite reasons are that because the food can fall through there is no way people can stuff huge amounts of food in the babies mouth, and also that the little one can feed herself very easily.
Im sure they are not for everyone but they are for us.
If Im pressed for time or are feeding a thinner puree then I do not use these spoons.

Lisa Lioutas
First Spoon

I bought these for my grandson and my daughter-in-law called me right after trying them for the first time to say how great they were. Perfect length for a 1 year old learning how to feed himself. They pick up just the right amount of food with each dip and he caught on right away. Great product.

Perfect for Baby

These spoons are great for teething babies to chew on and also for developing eating coordination. They allow baby to have a little food in the spoon to eat and keep busy while the caregiver feeds also. Could also chill to smooth guns further and it's dishwasher safe! Awesome product.

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