The Original CJ's BUTTer - All Natural Shea Butter Balm, 6 oz

Scent: All Natural Mango, Sugar & Mint
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Sarah W.

My cloth-diaper-safe go to for redness and rashes. We prefer unscented for sensitive skin.

Lindsey Chapman
Love it!

Great for bad eczema. It doesn't hurt my baby when applied to her bad patches of eczema like other cream.

Lisa L
My favourite diaper cream

I’ve tried a couple of other diaper creams but this is by far my favourite! I love the smell of Monkey Farts! It’s easy to apply and wipes off my hands well. It’s a little gritty but doesn’t hurt applying. I’ve used it on scratches and bug bites, as a pomade for my lo hair however it made it very greasy with the smallest amount. Great for removing cradle cap!

We love it

Hubby and I are happy with the product. Or daughter is too. Definitely will buy again but a little goes a long way.

Joanna Pistilli
Love it!

Bought this diaper cream to treat my baby's rash. I applied it at every diaper change and within 24 hours the rash was gone! I was amazed. I also started stealing bits of it for my hands at night and ended up buying another tub just for myself.

Creates a nice barrier on the bum, and it's been wonderful for my winter skin but I only apply it at night because it's a bit on the greasy side.

We chose the lavendar and tea tree scent, which was too strong for me.

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