Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash

Size: 100ml /3.3oz
Scent: Eucalyptus
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Vicki Scheeler
Great products, fast service

I love the Eucalan delicate liquid soap, and even better that it doesn’t need rinsing! I have the Eucalyptus and Lavender, and love both.

Renee’s customer service is top notch and my orders are processed and ready very quickly.

Craig Wilson
That I'm reviewing soap says how great it is

I've thought about trying Eucalan for a few years since I started wearing mostly wool clothing and I am happy I finally did because it's so great I'm pretty sure it is now the only thing I will use.

I started with a few ultrafine merino wool T-shirts and boxer briefs which were already wonderfully soft but Eucalan took them to a level of soft I didn't know was possible,. The second wash seemed to make it even softer which was surprising.

It's very easy to use and one 500ml bottle should last me at least a year and I wash a lot of wool clothing and blankets.

I am as happy as it is possible to be with this product. I was also very happy with the quick shipping and added personalized touch to the packaging. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Purchased this for my wool diaper covers, love the smell.

Stephanie F
Great product

Easy to use; love that it doesn't need to be rinsed out. I got the large size, as I'll also use it on my sweaters and other hand washables. Accidentally got eucalyptus, which I don't normally love, but was pleasantly surprised -its strong enough to get rid of the wet sheep smell, and mild enough that it doesn't stick around!

Ashley Spooner
Will last forever

I got the large one and didnt realize the consistancy is so thick and you only need a tsp! Knowing this now I am so happy with this purchase because its obvious it will last such a long time. And the hint of lavender is lovely.

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