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Cloth diapering mommy
One of the best I've used

I've tried a TON of cloth diaper brands - largely because we've picked up a mishmash of used diapers here and there. I picked up about 6 used GroVia diapers with our first child and every time I look at them I think I *need* to write a review for them somewhere! They've been steadfastly one of my favourites for being less likely to leak, holding a lot, and lasting. A couple had worn out elastics when I got them but I don't know how many kids wore them before they came to me. The ones that were still in useable condition are now on my 2nd child, and look like they'll carry through with child #3. They've fit fantastic with leaks mostly only happening when I've increased the rise size too soon. The inserts can be more of a pain to clean poops out of than other styles (my only complaint) but are otherwise super absorbent (the hemps especially so! But make sure you dry hemp well to keep out barn odors). The disposable inserts however I don't find hold enough and I wouldn't buy again, though they came in handy on occasion. But, provided GroVia makes their new diapers as well as they made the used ones I got and have been using steadily, I highly recommend, especially if you plan to use for multiple kids!

Grovia is Great

We love our Grovia hybrids! Super simple, wash well and contain messes better than disposables do! Plus we love all the fun colours and patterns!

Jessica Stubbs
We love GroVia!

I have been using GroVia on my babies since 2015 and I am obsessed! The quality is like no other and they're so versatile. Definitely recommend!

Kayla Struc
Great idea!

We had tried a couple different brands prior to trying the hybrids and these are by far the easiest to maintain in my opinion. The shells wash and dry so well! I hang dry the shells and they are dry in a couple hours at most! We've been using ours full time for a couple weeks (since our babe was 6 weeks and about 8lbs) in a rotation of 8 shells plus a couple random brands and I always find myself grabbing for these because they are just so easy! I love the snaps - and the diaper stays in place even with all her little wiggles. One shell is good for about 2-4 changes - which is AWESOME! Paired with a No Prep soaker - you're set! I do find occasionally when there's a poop, it flows past the gussets on the soaker pad onto the shell.. which calls for a wash - but so far it's always been contained for the most part. I'd say it's to be expected in any diaper when their little legs are still so skinny.
The vibrant colours and adorable prints are a bonus! I can't wait to see what comes out next and grow our stash a bit now and try other styles as she grows.
Variety is nice!


The GroVia Hybrid shell is a well-made product. It has sturdy snaps and a soft TPU. It's easy to use with a lot of nifty features including the mesh interior, crossover snaps, etc. Not to mention it doubles as a swim diaper. I have the snap closure which has a single row of waist and hip snaps. I find that it's not that easy to get a good fit right away especially with my baby who has skinny legs and petite in general.

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