Grow With Me Pants (Maxaloones)

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Great quality and long lasting

I bought a pair for my older daughter that did last from 6 mo - 3 years. I find the solids very versatile. Great quality; great fit

Emilie Gallagher
Great Purchase, Great Product

Being in childcare I've seen pants this style before and love the sustainability, functionality, inclusivity towards cloth diapers and no gender attached to them. My order came very quickly, beautiful quality and fit for my bigger 6 month old (about 21 pounds). I will absolutely be purchasing from them again, and recommending family and friends to do so, it just makes so much sense.

My only critique would be more colors and patterns to offer, and the material could be stretchier for a quicker dressing on baby.

Love love this product!

Tracy Knapp
The only pants I want to buy!

My little guy is only 4 months and is already wearing these full rolled up. I can tell they will last him ages! They are amazing quality, so comfy and so cute. It’s so hard to find pants that really work with cloth diapers and these do that and more. It doesn’t make sense to spend my money on any other pants knowing these exist and will last him so long. We’re in love! Thank you!

Jeannine Maclean
Love them!

We love:
-the grow with me feature
-the price, especially considering how long she will be wearing them.
-they still look super cute when the leg and belly “bands” are rolled over the other fabric.
-they washed and dried with no special treatment and they look and feel the same. The fabric seems very durable in general... thick but stretchy.
- the bottoms of the pant legs hold my 16 month olds boots in place snugly and keep cold air out (especially when she’s in the carrier). Great for outdoor adventures!

The only thing we don’t LOVE is that they can be a little fussier to get on with the extra fabric at the top and bottom, but that’s kind of unavoidable!

Would purchase again


These are so cute and fit perfect over a fluff bum. Nice material and seem like the are well made.

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