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Sarah F
The Prints!!

These wet bags are an unusual shape, but I find they are so much nicer for traveling - once they have a diaper or two they are great sitting on the floor. I find they don't hold as much while hanging, but the prints make up for it!

Melanie Reid
A must have

I love this wet bag. I use it to store my AIO diapers fits 14 plus some extra space to spare. I also use one as the dirty diaper wet bag hanging on my change table. I have a few of these which include the mini as they are such cute colours and prints.

Jessica S
Best wet bag around

I love these so much I have 4. They are my go to baby shower gift too. I use them around the house for cloth diapers instead of a diaper pail. I love that the loop unsnaps to hang on towel bars. I use them for swim class too; they fit towels and swimsuits with ease.

Clio Curtis
Love this bag

This bag fits a LOT!! I mean a full sized towel, swimsuits hats etc. I've got two of them and I just love them for summer. A necessity for us at all times when we're out!

kelly b
Excellent quality and cute pattern

Using the bag for my cloth pads. It fits a whole cycle! Very large and at an excellent price! Will purchase again for wet bathing suits.

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