LennyLamb Babywearing Sweatshirt 3.0

Size: S
Colour: Grey Melange with Pearl
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The best new mom purchase

This has been a welcome addition in the arsenal to win my little one’s war against napping! The 4 month sleep regression is real but thanks to this jacket, I can get outside while baby wearing and she’s out in minutes. She stays warm and cozy while mom enjoys the change of scenery to reenergize before the next sleep battle! Bonus: Motivation to start the intense pp workout I’ve been avoiding so that I can baby wear for as long as possible and continue to win at naps! Easy to put on and take off without waking baby to transition to the crib! This would definitely be my pick to offer any new mom!

Angelina Pickering
Love it!

This sweater is so great! So warm for me and babe on our walks. Way to put on with baby and wrap underneath. Perfect for our winter and early spring walks along the beach and to the bush on our property.

Soft and warm

A soft and warm sweatshirt! Very cosy and confortable. It’s easy to put on and baby fall aspleep everytime in it.
I taje a size up because i like to have space when i m with my baby, but the right size would have been great too!

Super doux et chaud! archi confortable! Se met facilement et mon bébé s’endort dedans à tout coups!
J’ai pris une taille au dessus de ma taille habituelle car j’aime être à l’aise avec bébé, mais ma taille habituelle aurait été parfaite aussi! La couleur est superbe et le col est vraiment agréable!

Love it!!

Amazing sweater! So cozy for both my and babe. Also, I like that I don’t look a million extra pounds with it on - nicely fitted/shaped, which also helps to keep cold drafts from wafting up (I find that happens with most other babywearing covers). Cowl neck/ hood is also clutch.

Etelka J Nyilasi
So cozy!

Love it, it fits well, is super cozy and will work great with layering for the colder months. Fortunately it's easy to put on with baby on me.

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