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Possibly my favourite purchase ever

We purchased this for our 3 year old, as he loves bringing his stuffed “chicken” everywhere… we now can’t leave the house without him asking to put on “chickens pack pack”. The quality is fantastic, the Dino print is so pretty but still fun, and it’s a toy that brings SO MUCH JOY to both our son, and everyone who sees him use it.

Amanda Oram
Adorable doll carrier

My LO (21 months) loves this doll carrier. We've got it in the smallest settings and it fits her well that way. She's so happy to carry her stuffed animals around - and she loves that it matches our LennyUp and insists we store them together!

Michelle Green
LennyLamb Doll carrier and LennyLamb Fleece Sweater

The doll carrier is absolutely adorable. My daughter seemed to like it but she’s still quite young so hasn’t used it a lot yet. The fleece sweater I have worn once and it is sooo comfy! The only thing I will say is it’s challenging to get on when back wearing (lining up the head hole right), but the zipper made it easier than I’ve heard the older style is to get on. I like that I could unzip it when my daughter said she was getting hot. She also managed to get her arms out of the hole (she’s prefers her arms out of the carrier), but I was easily able to get her arms back into the hole even with her on my back. Haven’t tried the hood yet since it wasn’t cold enough for that so we will see once the winter hits how that holds up. So far very happy with my purchase!

Beckey Smith

We love this carrier!
The feel is so soft and the colours so pretty.
My child is thrilled and cannot wait to show it off. The fit is nice on my very petite 5 year old.

Dawn Johnston

This is a well sought after toy in our home, by our 14 month old and 3 year old a like. I may need to buy another one. It's good for their little Walmart dolls, but their wardolf dolls are just too big for it. The adjustments aren't that great, and I find because of that it tends to make my 14 month old fall over, because the dolls bounce around from side to side in it, but she'll grow into it soon enough.

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