Lil Learnerz Training Pants by Kanga Care, 2-pack

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Perfect for nap time

Trainers cute and will hold one or two minor accidents as needed so the kid « feel » he needs to go. True to size, bought small size for 25pounds/88cm

Great product HORRIBLE size chart!

So far seems great at absorbing pee but I really don't understand this size chart. I ordered the size medium for my 2 year old daughter who despite having a chonky bum and legs is nowhere near the weight limit for that size? Also, as an other reviewer mentioned, size medium and up have no snaps.....WHY??? Do we not deserve the same convenience at poo cleanup time??? Also, they recommended getting the 6h soaker pad to add into the underwear..I did..I'm new to this so it might just be me but since there is no snaps as previously mentioned, there's no where to snap the pad into(???) Or am I just supposed to jam it Into the front of her undies that barely fit and hope they don't completely bunch up full of pee???

Excellent alternative to pull-ups

These are worth the money. With my first son I tried to find more affordable packs of cloth training pants (like the 6 packs you find on amazon) but they never had enough absorbancy to contain more than a minor leak. These fit nicely, don't feel overly bulky and can handle a full pee. Sometimes there is wicking and pants need to be changed but my couch, stroller and car seat are no longer in danger. I also love the side snaps for when my son has the occassional poo accident.

Great For Early Trainers

These are my go to training underwear especially for the early days of training. We bought the L for our 3 year old. They are the most waterproof of all the different brands I have tried. They also dry quicker in the dryer than some of my other trainers. I’ve noticed that they don’t breathe that well probably bc they have that outer waterproof layer. They are fine for winter but would be too hot to wear in the summer.

robin rist
Small Fit

I bought size XS for my not quite 18 month old who weighs 24 lbs and they are quite snug. I think the size small would fit better.

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