Little Frog Ring Sling

Size: Small - 1.7m
Style: Alexandrite
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Hillary Tapper
Colourful and comfortable

I absolutely love the Little Frog ring sling. I have used it pretty well every day for the last few weeks and for short or long (2+ hours of walking) periods it has been consistently easy to put on and wear for both my 25lb 8 month old and I. I find that his weight is distributed evenly for a comfortable carry, only starting to feel a bit of fatigue on my shoulder after about 2 hours. I have even been stopped by other parents who compliment and ask for details about the brand and style. I was happy to share details about the ring sling and Lil Monkey Cheeks and their wonderful customer service!

Sarah Rehkopf
I like it overall

I like this woven ring sling overall. My 2.5 month seems quite comfortable in it and I can get it tight and supportive around her little body. it's easy to use and I really like the colors. The only thing that I don't like is that the material bunches up in the ring immediately upon tightening. I "sort" the fabric everytime like you're supposed to but it still bunches up and makes it hard to tighten in specific spots.

Rachel Caswell
Awesome wrap!

I love the new little frog ringsling I got from little monkey cheeks. It's a beautiful sling and makes wearing my 6 month old a piece of cake. So easy to wear and very comfortable! I had a pleated along and I am much happier with the gathered shoulder of this sling!

Candice Lion
Very friendly, great product, great price!

I went down to look at all the products little monkey cheeks had. I came with a friend, our two toddlers, and my 1 month old baby. Let's say it was a long day. I didn't feel rushed as she let me try different ring slings in and browse around. I fell in love with my little frog ring sling. It is easy to use and great when I need to get my son up quick and I have to be on the go running after a toddler.

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