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Mirka Y.
Fantastic washable sponge

In the last year or so, I've tried a few different eco-friendly options to get away from disposable sponges. I have a collection of kitchen cloths but they're aren't great for dishes. I bought one of Marley’s sponges in the spring and immediately loved it - so much that I've re-ordered more and also bought one as a gift for someone else. It's great that I can pop them in the wash and they come out good as new. I've been using it non-stop for months and it's held up surprisingly well. I've only just recently started to degrade the “scrubby” side of the sponge, but that has had ser effect on its ability to clean. 10/10 recommend.

Great sponges!

We've permanently made the switch to these sponges! They are very effective and wash up well. I see no need for disposable sponges!


Love this product !! Love the fact that it can be washed. It’s reusable so great in an eco friendly household like mine. Great for delicate dishes and tough pots.

Lindsay A
I love them!

This is my second purchase of these sponges as I loved my first one so much! These are so much better than the disposable sponges, they're eco friendly, and they're so cute!

Would Buy Again

I got sick of buying dish sponges all the time, so I opted for this sponge that I could sanitize and re-use. I am very pleased with this sponge. It absorbs and retains more water and soap than a regular sponge. Washing and drying with the rest of your laundry is a breeze, and the 2 sponges I bought have held up nicely after several washes. I wish it was cheaper, but you definitely get a good quality product. It feels great knowing that your dish sponge is properly sanitized on a regular basis!

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