Overnight Bamboobies, 4 Pairs

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Sarah Jane
Very absorbent

These nursing pads are great for overnight. My baby sleeps long stretches and while the pads are often wet when I wake, my clothes and bed are dry. They are very large so not very inconspicuous for daytime wear but perfect for overnights.

Tahlia Perl-Dutt
Love these!

I love these! So absorbent and comfortable and I love how big they are. I am a super heavy leaker and these can keep up with me for the most part. They don't feel wet even if they are either, so they stay comfortable even if I've leaked a lot on them. Totally worth the money, and so great not to be throwing disposables away.

Don't Waste Money on Other Nursing Pads

I initially used disposable nursing pads but wanted to be more environmentally friendly so made the switch to reusable. I tried several other reusable nursing pads and leaked (badly!) through them all. The overnight bamboobie nursing pads worked much better! Ideal for newborn nursing or heavy leakers. Comfortable to wear; easy to wash. They shipped promptly.

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