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Yoshua W.
Cute liner, but tricky to wash, and PUL delaminated very quickly

I've been using this liner for a couple of months now to line a diaper pail. For some reason - possibly a poor choice of washer/dryer settings? - the PUL layer delaminated within the first week. I think it might have gotten dried on high heat accidentally, but it was still a bit shocking to see that happen so fast. That aside, my main complaint with the liner is that it's tricky to wash and to dry. In the washer it sometimes flips inside out (so the PUL is on the inside) and traps a diaper or two in it, which means they end up waterlogged at the end of the cycle. Drying it is also tricky simply because of the waterproofing – you have to flip it inside out after the outside is dry. But I understand that just comes with the territory. Other than that, I love the print and the elastic is holding up well, so this is worth a shot if you're in the market for a liner. Maybe I just got unlucky with the PUL.

Perfect for my needs

I use these to line a large garbage pail. Great quality, cute design.

Simple and cute

Huge diaper pail liner, covers a whole garbage pail and all the dirty diapers until wash day. I got the print Celestial Sea and it's adorable. Reasonable price point!

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