Planet Wise Wet Bag - Medium

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This is the perfect bag for my sweaty clothes after Hot Yoga - the only minor complaint is that the material used on the outside of this particular bag (this is my second one) wrinkles very easily

Planet Wise WetBag

I love it ! Beautiful and good product, space, and shipping service very fast!

Lisa Fisk
Love these bags

Leak-proof and smell proof. I love planetwise wet bags and have multiple in different sizes. Small for soiled clothes when on the go. Medium for dirty cloth diapers on the go. Great bags- highly recommended. Easy to wash after use with poopy diapers.

petra sampson
Perfect medium wet bag

I bought this because I was tired of my other wet bags leaking all over the contents of my diaper bag. It really does what it advertises - as soon as I got it out of the box I filled it 3/4 full of water and walked it around the house a little. Absolutely no leaks as long as the water stayed at the bottom of the bag, not touching the zipper at the top.
The zipper does leak if you fill the bag with water, but with normal things like saturated wet diapers or wet bathing suits there are no leaks, unlike every one of my other wet bags. Since the seams are heat sealed there's no wicking unlike with all my other wet bags / pail liners of other brands.
I've been using this weekly for about a month and the dye on the cover has definitely faded, but it is a merely cosmetic issue, and since I wash it at least once a week, I guess a little fading is to be expected.
The inner bag is nice and strong, and doesn't have a sticky PUL feeling so when I empty out the bag nothing gets stuck in there. I turn the inner portion inside out so it all washes well. Sometimes the fabric takes a little longer to dry.
I can fit at least four diapers inside without it getting crammed. That's a great size for outings and usually enough to store all the sprayed poopy diapers until wash day.
I'm looking forward to taking this along to the in-laws who worry about smelly diapers since it lets absolutely no stink escape. Now they have nothing to worry about with our cloth diapers.
The single thing I would change is adding a strap to the cloth portion so I can hang it up. Since it doesn't leak, it's a great bag for rinsed poopy diapers, but it's a little hassle to store it in our bathroom without a strap.
All in all, I love this bag, I want more, and I'm already recommending it to friends and other moms.

Erin Stephens
Planet Wise Wet Bag

This is the first wet bag purchase I have made so I can't compare it to others, but I am happy with the product. It has certainly helped contain odours between washes.

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