(re)zip 5-piece Stand-Up Leak-proof Pack n' Go Kit

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Converted my mom!

I have been using (re)zip bags for a while now and love them. My mom, however, would go through so many disposable zipper seal bags that it drove me crazy! I finally bought these for her to try and I have converted her! She likes the wide bottom and that they are easy to open and close. She has already asked for more.

Sue H
(re)zip 5 piece Stand Up - Versatile & Easy Clean

These are a great product. We have packed cherries in the large one as a portable snack and used the smallest to collect pits and stems - easy stand up access and no stains at all. Even a left over cut onion was stored easily in the fridge and after washing the re(zip) not a trace of onion smell. A great food storage tool, purse or diaper bag organizer. They seal and open easily. Quality seems excellent, but I have only had them for a few weeks. Will be ordering more for the many things I used to use one use plastic zip bags for.

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