Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitteds

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Great fitted

Very absorbent so far, and we aren't even at the full number of washes for max absorbancy yet. I like that there is an extra long insert included that you can fold as needed for max protection + extra insert. These individual layers seem to help the diaper dry much faster! I prefer this one to my Thirsties fitteds, so far

Perfect Night diaper

Very Soft and absorbent! My son have 11 months and its perfect for 12h Night!

Nighttime solution

After doing some reading online I kept coming across the Sloomb fitteds as the best nighttime diaper. My 15 month old had been wetting through almost every night for the past month (with multiple high quality cotton & hemp inserts and boosters) so I needed something heavy duty. These have worked wonderfully!! She sleeps 12 hours overnight and no wetting through problems at all anymore. We throw out bum genius pocket diaper covers over them.

Sarah Z
For heavy wetters overnight!

This is the only solution that has worked for my heavy wetter at night. One pair will last us about 10 hours. They’re bulky and do take longer to dry but I love the fabric and so far no leaks on her bedding. We pair it with Sloomb playwoolies and the combination has been perfect. It comes with an extra soaker layer and there’s lots of room for an extra booster if needed. The elastics are gentle but snug- a lot more comfortable than PUL covers.

Great for nighttime!

Excellent fitted diapers for overnight use, paired with Capri shell and have gotten no leaks - would recommend! Also had fast shipping

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