Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 One Size All-In-One

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Frederick Huson
Loved them

I purchased these for my daughter for her youngest son who is just over a year and developed an allergy to disposable like overnight so we started buying one of 2 of each brand until she finds the ones and liners that work best for her and my grandson. So far these have been great

Great AIO

I've been cloth diapering for over three years now, mainly using pockets. The only AIO which was in my stash, were the thirsties natural fibre, unfortunately, especially with hard water, they've broken down over the years. I'm glad I decided to branch out and try other AIO diapers. I particularly like the trimness of these diapers. The tongue style insert is very long and can easily be doubled in the diaper. This diaper fits both my three year old and two year old. I'm not sure how long the natural fibre will survive my hard water, but it's a great diaper. The cotton is very soft. I've not fully prepped these, as they take a ton of washes to prep and I was eager to try them on, so I've experienced some leaks, but I'm fairly confident that once they are fully prepped they'll be fine. It is a large price point, but if you can splurge on a few or get them on sale, I'd say they're worth it.

Great diapers!

It can be challenging finding all natural AIOs, but this diaper is a great find. The cotton is so soft, and it is a great fit for my babe. He is a very tall boy, and while other diapers are starting to fit lower, this diaper seems to have a higher rise. He has plenty of room to continue using this diaper until potty training.

Best cloth diaper

We use a mix of AMP and smart bottoms, however I am slowly switching out the AMP for smart bottoms. We love the smart bottoms- they are the trimmest, and most absorbant cloth diapers . They fit well, we've had no leaks and they don't leave any red marks on my little ones legs

annie lalancette

C'est une couche tres absorbante et te très bonne qualité. Elle est magnifique.

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