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Must have in my book

We bought the diaper sprayer and are so pleased with it. We have been using it for a year and even moved it from our old condo to our new house! Install and reinstall was a breeze.
Some will say it’s a nice to have, for us it’s a must. TMI incoming, we are vegetarians and my son has soft stools even at 17 months so there is no just flicking things in the toilet, I NEED the POWER that the sprayer delivers.
Also convinced my husband to switch to cloth toilet paper because we use it as a bidet for our tushies. Admittedly, a very cold bidet during the winter months 😅🥶❄️ but nothing we can’t handle.
We even bought a second one to gift to our friends, they also cloth diaper.
Thanks LMC!!

Claudia Wong
2/3 gaskets in the kit were faulty

This installation should have been fairly simple but we struggled because 2/3 of the gaskets that came with the kit were faulty and cracked immediately when put onto the sprayer. Luckily the third one seems to be holding up well. We’ve written to Spray Pal with no feedback. Otherwise it works well and as intended with good pressure on the spray. The product feels like good quality other than the gasket issue which was just on installation. We’ve used it for a few months now with no further issues but are hoping this holds out.

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