The Award Winning Baby Weaning Coverall Bib by BIBaDO

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Lyle MacDonald
Best bibs

I use these bubs with the Ikea Antilop chair and a screw-to-the-counter hanging chair. Works perfect for both! Only thing that is a bit challenging is wiping them down after since if you submerge them in water they stay wet for a while. So I have 2 in rotation and wipe down throughout the day, then wash well in the evening and use the dry one for next day. Works a charm!

Kaylee Rehaluk

This bib is amazing!! Don't ever buy anything else except this bib.

Catherine Sidorenko
Best shirt bib

I love this bib! It catches all liquid and food that would normally fall into the high chair and it makes cleaning the baby a breeze. Only face and hands need to be cleaned. The bib itself is easy to wipe or machine wash. The velcro is high quality, our little one has not managed to rip it off.

Jen Anderson
Works great!

I love using this long sleeve bib! There are snaps on the sleeves to shorten the length for smaller babies. I was worried about the lighter colour, but it’s definitely more of a grey on grey than a white. It does stain (pre wash) fairly easily, but I’ve had no stains linger post wash.

We have a two part high chair tray (the part that slides in, and then a piece that clip on overtop to make clean up easier) and we’ve found that putting the bibado between the pieces works great! But we’ve also done it with the bibado over both pieces and it hasn’t move out of place.

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